What We Do

At the Vaughan-Woodbridge Electoral District Association (EDA), we are unwavering in our commitment to serve our community and increase the presence of the Conservative Party of Canada within Vaughan-Woodbridge. We actively engage with our local constituents, striving to understand their perspectives, and addressing their concerns. Here’s an overview of our primary responsibilities and initiatives

Candidate Selection:

  • Chosen EDA members take on the responsibility of supervising the selection of Conservative candidates, ensuring that local party members directly participate in the choice of their representative through nomination meetings

Election Campaign Support:

  • Throughout election campaigns, the EDA provides active support to Conservative candidates by arranging local events, coordinating canvassing initiatives, putting up campaign signs, and overseeing certain aspects of communication.

Policy Input and Advocacy:

  • We provide valuable input into the Conservative Party’s policies, advocating for issues that matter to our constituents to be included in the national platform.


  • Our community-focused fundraising efforts support our day-to-day operations and contribute to local election campaigns. We may also make contributions to the national party’s campaign fund.

Party Member Recruitment:

  • We engage in proactive recruitment of new party members within our district, thereby expanding support for the Conservative Party in Vaughan-Woodbridge.

Community Engagement:

  • Actively connecting with our local Vaughan community, taking part in local events, meeting with constituents, and fostering relationships to gain a deeper understanding of diverse perspectives.

The Vaughan-Woodbridge EDA is a crucial element in representing the Conservative Party at the local level, striving to bolster support within our riding while advocating for the concerns of our constituents. Our unwavering commitment ensures we are well-prepared for elections, amplifying the voice of our community effectively.

Show your support by donating today!  https://cpc-donations.ca/vaughan-woodbridge